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2498 Totton Air Cadets

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Adventure Training / Sport



Soul of the Wild

As much as learning the ways of the military we also give our cadets the best chances of physical and rewarding fun!

Different sporting events throughout the year gives our sqn a chance to shine above the other 22 in the wing. 

Football, Rugby, Swimming, Cross Country, Athletics, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Netball and Hockey. These are some of the sports that we partake in.

Within the year our sqn explores what hampshire has to offer paying regular trips to Calshot activities center where we can expirence actavities from rock climbing to canoeing and many more.

Our biggest adventure training event is a camp we call Windermere, this is a wing camp meaning we team up with all the sqn's and take a coach up to the Lake District for a weeks worth of adventure. Taking 20 males and 10 females places are limited but everyone is given an equal chance.  The camp includes...

Mountain climbing, rock climbing, absailing, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, map reading and much much more. Introducing new challenges each year.

The Duke of Endinbrough Award is something we also take to the extreme, after training the cadets as much as we can it becomes very independant and to challenge them even further instead of staying at campsites we 'wild camp' letting the cadets feel the real aspects of the award.

Two cadets have successfully completed their Bronze and more are on their way.

Sergeant Charley Harding (2011)

Cadet Robyn Gosden (2012)

Heart of the Sky

Our blue unifroms are what makes us who we are, we represent the Her Majesty the Queen and the Royal Air Force, it is a true honour to be part of it.

We run 'blues' with two different unifroms 'Working Blue' and for drill and ceromonial purposes  'Wedgewoods'.

Educational and inspirational, blues can be just as much fun, to climb the ranks and gain educational BTEC'S cadets complete a series of exams based on subjects which cover from aviation to navigation. We could not make it any easier you only need 13 out of 25 to pass and they are all multipul choice.

In blues we venture all over the country visiting different museums and events.

On some occasions we are asked to appear at charity and community events. Our recent ones inude the Totton family fun day and the Rose Road Jublee party.

Throughout the year all the cadets in hampshire train for the biggest competition called WAD (Wing Acitvies Day) we compete in different events: Public Speing, Media, Aircraft Recognicion, Photography, Art, Modling, Drill, Banner Drill, First Aid and Shooting. This is a huge event which is enjoyed by everyone. For the 2012 compeition we came in the top 10 Squadrons in the wing,out of 23.

In blues we do practice alot of drill but along side that we have the window to take it a step further, we have life like rifles that we can use to practice rifle drill, this keeps the drill exciting and the cadets on their toes however this all leads up to our parades.

Our wedgwoods arnt just for show they hold a place in our hearts as every year we parade on remembrance sunday. Represending the fallen the fighting and the future of or Armed Forces. It is a parade we shall never fail to miss. It also gives our cadets a reminder to who they are, after every parade the cadets hold a very proud smile and are so thankfull they have joined us .

Spirit of Nature

Afraid of the dark? Not for much longer, we are lucky to have a field on our doorstep this works to our traning advantage. During daylight we can plan and pracitce skills for when the evening comes alongside the winter months, it then bemes every cadets wnder world. Crawling around in the mud trying to make themselves dissapear so they do not get caught.

We play classi games that link to their training like capture the flag and hide and seek, may seem lame but with the field and the woodland it really puts senses and skills to the test.

Like the other sections greens also has camps, but these camps are run by the Sqn for the Sqn. Once a year we get invited to Ferny Crofts for the weekend, during the weekend we train in the forest and run a night ex, the final day we teach the scouts and show them our tricks this allows us work with the community and educate the younger generations in hope that they too will join us.

Make up? you will find that boys wear it to (but without knowing)... Cam cream is used on the skin to help the cadets blend into the forest or field, we use the same cam cream as the Armed Forces which is also made by Max-Factor and yet we love it!

Food, when on our camsps or day trips we use only our ration packs, supplied for us by the army the cadets are taught to use a new way of cooking and all get to taste what they will be eating on a cadet night for the weekends ahead.

In greens you can be taught everything that the Amy Cadets do, but we do what they don't and thats fly. Patrolling, signals, body searching, camoflauge and shelter building are all  covered and put into fun filled lessons.

We do not train you to fight the wars and join the forces, but if you want to then you will certainly be prepared even if its the Army or the Navy.  

Flying is a big part of the ATC and we really do love it!, we fly a total of 3 different aircraft. 1 being the Grob Tutor we use for Air Expirence Flying. Secondly the Viking Glider which is winched up into the air used in partnership with the Vagiliant Motor Glider, for Gliding Expirences. Each flight the cadets are allowed to take control with the watchfull eye of their pilot who is either sat next to them or behind them dependant on the aircraft.

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  • Community Dog Show
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  • Team Building RAF Cranwell
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  • Rock Climbing Windermere Camp
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    We are AIR CADETS ! and PROUD!
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    It really can't get any better ...
Venture Adventure
Venture Adventure